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Question: Would you ever be with a cheater?
Answer: The Irish guy was the best haha Craving the most amazing pornstars on the web having the hottest sex? Look no further than keezmovies.
Question: Relationships during or after uni ?
Answer: French? Whoooo

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Question: Why guys avoid pda?
Answer: You know you are dating a greek woman when . all your money is gone ; :D :D :D :D

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Question: Did I do the right the thing ?
Answer: I am moving on to German women.

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Question: Was my girlfriend over the line?
Answer: If i dated an Italian man that looked at another woman, finito.

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Question: Does my Profile Picture make me look Gay?!
Answer: Can you please do dating beyond borders Australia

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Question: Was he just after sex?
Answer: He is sooo fine

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Question: Women which do you prefer?
Answer: They dont gag though

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Question: Dating a guy to make him happy?
Answer: Vegan (some king of sickness ? :O **momGR.exe has stopped working**

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Question: Any guys ever been used by a girl and left hurt?
Answer: Hi guys :)

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Question: Being clingy - How is it a bad thing?
Answer: That was shit french

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Question: Which guy should I choose?
Answer: Portuguese from Portugal sounds shshshsprprpshshhsshshsh

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Question: Who believes in being friends first?
Answer: Brazil, for sure!

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Question: How often do you think about your crush? help needed
Answer: German women seem to be really adorable. I wouldn't mind dating one at all.

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Question: Scared of second date! Help?
Answer: Hepatic cirrhosis with 30?

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Question: How to get over first kiss nerves?
Answer: The blindfolded girl is pretty annoying

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